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Vancouver Exclusive Mail Order Menu

Vancouver Exclusive Mail Order Menu

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Ships from Vancity! Limited Time Elite Club Strains!! 

Khalifa Pink OG
Chapos Pink Dream
Oil Spill Pink 
Pink Panther
Pink Goo
Blue Fin Tuna 
(photos coming soon!)

This is the real sticky icky, straight from the west coast, and the cost will be $220 per oz (GFIRE BIGGIE OZ’S THAT WEIGH 42 GRAMS!!) X 25% = $165 for 42 grams of quads!!! 25% off all site items when orders through the mail!!!

Literally this deal cannot be beat. With excruciating and unreliable gas prices, this is the way we can still get you your Cannabis at a great deal! Same day delivery overhead is becoming quite costly, and if you order through mail, we cut the overhead and put the savings in your pocket at a time where its never been needed so urgently. Also all edibles, and all vape flavours are available ONLY through mail order!!!

**For now we recommend order mail through text or email info@gfire.ca, the site will take a couple weeks to adjust for this promotion, and won’t be able to issue a proper total, and the new weed is super sticky dank, we don’t want to waste any time, so text order!! Pay by emt, and get your tracking number a few hours later. We take mail orders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.**

WE GUARANTEE you will receive your order! If for any reason your order doesn’t make it, it will be resent. GFIRE has super discreet packaging, and you will receive a low key vac sealed package in a box.