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Best Quality Online Cannabis Dispensary Canada by GFIRE

Welcome to GFIRE, Canada’s OG Legacy Cannabis Brand. We’ve acquired our stripes at the school of hard knocks, in all the classic Canadian hot spots for copping chronic cannabis since time immemorial. From Vancity’s Commercial Drive tending to the Da Kine overflow in the early 2000’s, in the hectic competitive market in Grandview Park, where some super exquisite cannabis was available to the discerning customer, to selling taboo dimes outside of Marc Emery’s Amsterdam Café, joining David Malmo Lavine’s free market at Main and Hastings, and also sourcing flower for the longest running Toronto Dispensary C.A.L.M, who we worked alongside from 2000-2018 when they closed their doors. C.A.L.M and their owner Neev Tapiero were pioneers of the movement, and GFIRE was there from the inception, helping to provide easy access to medical cannabis in Canada.

In 2016, Cannabis quality in Toronto peaked! There was such amazing world renowned quads available at the time, and you could find GFIRE’s incomparably sourced flowers at ALL the top dispensaries of that time, Qualimeds, C.A.L.M, Cannawide, and many many more! When Toronto’s coolest lounge began, the infamous Planet Paradise, GFIRE strains were the most coveted and loudest and our clouds filled the Planet way back in 2016!!

In 2016 we were also awarded top concentrates by Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan at an Extract Exhibition in Toronto where we faced off against all the best in the industry.

With the changing market, GFIRE has remained, and we intend to acclimate further, spreading our brand and proprietary knowledge to the new legal industry, as our 20 years of experience in the field, and infallible palate for choosing premium heavy hitting strains, we have the inside scoop on what the streets have been saying for time, and the streets want the QUADS!!!